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Inscrit le 07/03/2015
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Posté le  27/10/2016 à 09:27:19      Sujet : Bids

I was very amused , eventually , recently when I opened a Weak 1NT with 4 - 4 in the majors and everyone passed .
Both sides were vul , north had 1 HCP , and after E-W cashed their minor suit winners and the spade ace I made 1 trick for 6 off , -600 .
But I scored 99% on the hand .
E-W could make 5D to also score 600 , but almost all were in 3NT making with 1 , 2 or even 3 overtricks . Only one player held E-W to 9 tricks .
West had 20 HCP with a good diamond suit . East had 6 HCP with A Q x x in spades .
The modern methods of competing over a 1NT opening bid , namely Bergen's D.O.N.T. and Cappelletti , do not use the double as a penalty double .
So I only went off 600 , instead of 1700 .
I am old enough to remember penalty doubles , and I do miss them   .

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Accueil du forum > Bids > Penalty doubles ?

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