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Inscrit le 18/01/2016
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Posté le  12/11/2016 à 04:18:48      Sujet : Rankings and series on Funbridge

Is it possible to replay a tournament after one has finsihed and it and moved on to the next? i really want to replay the last game in my last tournament  but I had pressed teh button to move on before I realised. Is there any way to go back>
thank you

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Inscrit le 07/03/2015
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Posté le  13/11/2016 à 03:59:32      Sujet : Rankings and series on Funbridge

Hi Ziggyfox .
Indeed you can . Just make sure that you want to do so to see if you have bid or played the hand badly . Not whether the Funbridge computer seems to be more helpful to those playing the French 5-card major system , rather than people like me who play modified Acol   . Often when I do review some of my previous results I find that some properly bid partscores score badly because the game makes but really , in my not so humble opinion   , should not have been bid . And trying to decide whether to play in a Notrump or major suit game does little but wear out my few remaining working brain cells . And sometimes hands play better when they are bid and played from the north side and you get a more favourable opening lead - a common problem for those of us who open the Weak 1NT .
In other words , the computer will not play like a long term , real live ,  favourite partner - and never will .
Okay , since you want to go back ...
Go back to the main competitions screen . In the middle of the bottom row is the Last Games that you have played . Click on the line of  the competition you are interested in .
That takes you to a new screen , and the top left of this screen shows My Results Deal by Deal . That is , the 4 hands that were that competition .  Click on the row ( the hand ) you are interested in , and on the bottom of the screen you can click on Replay or Review  .
Good luck . Bob

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